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Mental Health Workout

Hi everyone! Thanks for supporting RRMFT. It is my hope that your health and wellness continue to improve with the resources provided on this blog. I came up with this light mental health workout to promote wellness throughout your week in practical and accessible ways. If you're able to fit this into your schedule, the whole routine takes about 15 minutes daily. And you might find some of it fun!

If you're interested in counseling services, feel free to reach out to me.

Best wishes,



1. Have some water

2. Do 2 minutes of deep breathing

3. Say 3 I feel/I would like statements

“ I feel ________ when you ______.” “I would like ______.”

4. Name 4 of your strengths

5. Spend 5 minutes in nature


1. Have some water

2. Do 2 minutes of deep breathing (focusing on a pleasant environment)

3. Identify 3 people you can turn to for support

4. Name 4 things that you are thankful for

5. Have a snack that makes you smile


Spend 15 minutes doing something you enjoy

(Journaling, drawing, bike riding, shadow boxing, running, talking, napping, playing, etc.)


1. Have some water

2. Spend 2 minutes relaxed breathing in nature

3. Name something you are grateful for and why

4. Reach out to a friend

5. Do something creative


1. Have some water

2. Do 5 minutes of relaxed breathing

3. Have a fun snack you enjoy

4. Sing a song along with the music

5. Identify something you enjoyed from the week.

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